The Brabant Revolution and the Western Question (1787–1790)

  title={The Brabant Revolution and the Western Question (1787–1790)},
  author={P. Illing},
  journal={Dutch Crossing},
  pages={64 - 79}
  • P. Illing
  • Published 2009
  • History
  • Dutch Crossing
  • Abstract Conventional accounts of European diplomacy of the 1780s posit that it was split into two separate spheres, east and west. Given the variety of interests of the European powers, this seems unlikely. In fact, the Eastern Question, concerning the fate of the Ottoman Empire and Poland, is tied to the crisis of international relations unleashed by European unrest in the late 1780s, which has been described as the Western Question. Using the example of the ephemeral United Belgian States of… CONTINUE READING


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