The Bosniaks: From nation to threat

  title={The Bosniaks: From nation to threat},
  author={Lily Hamourtziadou},
  journal={Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans},
  pages={141 - 156}
Authors writing about nationalism in Yugoslavia or the war in Bosnia tend to explain the Muslim connection in terms of ‘rights’ and ‘self-determination’; the Muslims are not seen as nationalistic (a title that seems to be reserved for the Serbs and, occasionally, for the Croats) but as victims of the nationalism of others. Their ideology and activity therefore tends to be ignored or overlooked. Yet the Serbs claim that the Muslims are a threat to them and to the Christians of Bosnia-Herzegovina… Expand
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Being Muslim the Bosnian Way: Identity and Community in a Central Bosnian Village
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  • Multicultural Citizenship
  • 1991