The Bogoliubov inner product in quantum statistics

  title={The Bogoliubov inner product in quantum statistics},
  author={D{\'e}nes Petz and G{\'a}bor Fejes T{\'o}th},
  journal={Letters in Mathematical Physics},
A natural Riemannian geometry is defined on the state space of a finite quantum system by means of the Bogoliubov scalar product which is infinitesimally induced by the (nonsymmetric) relative entropy functional. The basic geometrical quantities, including sectional curvatures, are computed for a two-level quantum system. It is found that the real density matrices form a totally geodesic submanifold and the von Neumann entropy is a monotone function of the scalar curvature. Furthermore, we… Expand
Geometry of canonical correlation on the state space of a quantum system
A Riemannian metric is defined on the state space of a finite quantum system by the canonical correlation (or Kubo–Mori/Bogoliubov scalar product). This metric is infinitesimally induced by theExpand
Quantum Statistical Manifolds
  • J. Naudts
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Entropy
  • 2018
Two different atlases are introduced, one in which it is straightforward to show that the quantum states form a Banach manifold, the other which is compatible with the inner product of Bogoliubov and which yields affine coordinates for the exponential connection. Expand
2 8 M ay 2 01 8 Quantum Statistical Manifolds
Quantum information geometry studies families of quantum states by means of differential geometry. A new approach is followed with the intention to facilitate the introduction of a more generalExpand
Positive definite matrices of trace 1 describe the state space of a finite quantum system. This manifold can be endowed by the physically very relevant Bogoliubov-Kubo-Mori inner product as aExpand
Bogoliubov’s metric as a global characteristic of the family of metrics in the Hilbert algebra of observables
We comparatively analyze a one-parameter family of bilinear complex functionals with the sense of “deformed” Wigner-Yanase-Dyson scalar products on the Hilbert algebra of operators of physicalExpand
Monotone Riemannian metrics and dynamic structure factor in condensed matter physics
An analytical approach is developed to the problem of computation of monotone Riemannian metrics (e.g., Bogoliubov-Kubo-Mori, Bures, Chernoff, etc.) on the set of quantum states. The obtainedExpand
For certain unitary representations of a Lie algebra we define the statistical manifold ℳ of states as the convex cone of for which the partition function Z=Trexp{-X} is finite. The Hessian of Ψ=logExpand
Differential Geometrical Aspects of Quantum State Estimation and Relative Entropy
In this article, we treat the space S of finite-dimensional positive density operators (quantum states) in a differential geometrical viewpoint. We suppose that a generalized covariance for arbitraryExpand
Non-monotone metric on the quantum parametric model
In this paper, we study a family of quantum Fisher metrics based on a convex mixture of two well-known inner products, which covers the well-known symmetric logarithmic derivative, the rightExpand
Positive definite matrices of trace 1 describe the state space of a finite quantum system. This manifold can be endowed by the physically relevant Bogoliubov–Kubo–Mori inner product as a RiemannianExpand


Linear response theory and the KMS condition
AbstractThe response, relaxation and correlation functions are defined for any vector state ε of a von Neumann algebra $$\mathfrak{M}$$ , acting on a Hilbert space ℋ, satisfying the KMS-condition. AnExpand
Multiple-parameter quantum estimation and measurement of nonselfadjoint observables
  • H. Yuen, M. Lax
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1973
It is shown that the optimal receiver measures the photon annihilation operator, which corresponds to optical heterodyning, demonstrating the possible optimality of nonselfadjoint operators and clearly indicates the importance of considering more general quantum measurements in quantum signal detection. Expand
General properties of entropy
It is rather paradoxical that, although entropy is one of the most important quantities in physics, its main properties are rarely listed in the usual textbooks on statistical mechanics. In thisExpand
Minimum mean-squared error of estimates in quantum statistics
Abstract A quantum-mechanical counterpart of the Cramer-Rao inequality of classical statistics is derived, setting a lower bound to the mean-squared error of an estimate of a parameter of the densityExpand
Quantum detection and estimation theory
A review. Quantum detection theory is a reformulation, in quantum-mechanical terms, of statistical decision theory as applied to the detection of signals in random noise. Density operators take theExpand
Probabilistic and Statistical Aspects of Quantum Theory
Foreword to 2nd English edition.- Foreword to 2nd Russian edition.- Preface.- Chapters: I. Statistical Models.- II. Mathematics of Quantum Theory.- III. Symmetry Groups in Quantum Mechanics.- IV.Expand
Correlation inequalities and equilibrium states
For an infinite dynamical system, idealized as a von Neumann algebra acted upon by a time translation implemented by a HamiltonianH, we characterize equilibrium states (KMS) by stationarity, aExpand
Bogoliubov inequalities for infinite systems
The Bogoliubov inequalities are derived for the infinite volume states describing the thermodynamic limits of physical systems. The only property of the states required is that they satisfy theExpand
Review of 'Quantum Detection and Estimation Theory' (Helstrom, C. W.; 1976)
  • H. Yuen
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • 1977
This volume contains advanced materials of queueing theory plus three application chapters, and gives a comprehensive account of the diffusion process approximation and heavy traffic theory as applied to queueing systems. Expand
Inequalities for the trace function
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