The Body Problem

  title={The Body Problem},
  author={Barbara Gail Montero},
L'A. etudie le probleme de la nature du physique qui se pose de maniere prealable au debat sur le probleme esprit-corps. Au-dela de l'apparente evidence qui permet de connaitre les objets physiques comme on connait le terme table, l'A. montre que le physicalisme se definit d'abord contre l'idealisme et contre la substance non-physique, consideree comme ce qui n'est pas compose de la meme matiere que les objets ordinaires qui nous entourent. Soulevant la question du spectre inverse, des qualias… 
Muitas tentativas malsucedidas de solucionar o problema de caracterizar o que e fisico para o fisicalismo foram baseadas em um ou em outro aspecto de nosso conceito de fisico, como a nocao intuitiva
‚Physisches’ und Multi-Realisierbarkeit, oder: zwei Probleme für den Physikalismus gelöst
Die Konturen des philosophischen Physikalismus werden erst klar, wenn man sich seiner Schwierigkeiten annimmt. Dies werde ich im Folgenden tun. Zunächst arbeite ich die Grundidee des – heutigen1 –
History of the Mind-Body Problem
1. Introduction, Tim Crane and Sarah Patterson 2. The Musical, the Magical and the Mathematical Soul, Rae Langton 3. The Soul's Relation to the Body: Thomas Aquinas, Siger of Brabant and the Parisian
Why ‘non-mental’ won’t work: on Hempel’s dilemma and the characterization of the ‘physical’
Recent discussions of physicalism have focused on the question how the physical ought to be characterized. Many have argued that any characterization of the physical should include the stipulation
The phenomenology of movement: action, proprioception, and embodied knowledge
The intent of this thesis is to provide an account of the phenomenology of movement that collapses the distinction between mental and physical without the elimination of the mental. There are two
The Physical: Empirical, not Metaphysical
Intuitively, physicalism is the thesis that there’s nothing ‘over and above’ the physical. Going beyond this intuitive formulation requires an account of what it is for a property, kind, relation, or
Een biologisch substraat voor psychische stoornissen : Gouden toekomst of gouden bergen?
Hacking’s philosophy makes it possible to move beyond the opposition between the medical and the constructivist account of psychiatric diseases by combining both accounts.
Physicalism Requires Functionalism: A New Formulation and Defense of the Via Negativa
How should ‘the physical’ be defined for the purpose of formulating physicalism? In this paper I defend a version of the via negativa according to which a property is physical just in case it is
A ‘physical’ need: physicalism and the via negativa
Benacerraf, P. and H. Putnam. 1964/1983. Introduction. In Philosophy of Mathematics: Selected Readings, ed. P. Benacerraf & H. Putnam, 1-37. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Boghossian, P.
Hempel’s Dilemma is intended to force physicalists to make an unfavourable choice between the current physics and a future physical theory. The problem with the first horn of the dilemma is related


Functionalism, Qualia, and the Inverted Spectrum
Functionalism is the doctrine that every mental state-type may be fully defined by means of its typical causal connections to sensory stimulation, behavior, and other mental state-types similarly
Physicalism: The Philosophical Foundations
Part 1 The problem of formulation: preliminaries core ideas and values gratuitous associations criteria for assessing physicalism. Part 2 Review of past formulations: reductionist approaches
On Formulating Materialism and Dualism
Post-War philosophy of mind has been dominated by a near unanimous agreement that dualism is incorrect. The disagreement has been over identifying the fundamental fault in the dualist theory, and
From Supervenience to Superdupervenience: Meeting the Demands of a Material World
The term "supervenience" derives etymologically from the Latin "super", meaning on, above, or additional; and from the Latin verb "venire", meaning to come. In non-philosophical contexts the word is
Language and Nature
I would like to discuss an approach to the mind that considers language and similar phenomena to be elements of the natural world, to be studied by ordinary methods of empirical inquiry. I will be
What is it like to be a Bat
Consciousness is what makes the mind-body problem really intractable. Perhaps that is why current discussions of the problem give it little attention or get it obviously wrong. The recent wave of
Reductionism, Levels of Organization, and the Mind-Body Problem
Dr. Sperry’s position is complex and variegated, and I will be unable to discuss some of the issues raised by him in this volume and in other closely related papers. He has chosen to characterize his
Naturalism, materialism and first philosophy
In the first section of this paper I define and defend a spatio-temporal account of the general nature of reality. I call this doctrine "Naturalism". In the second section I define and defend the
The concept of emergence
ly possible. Postponing (with Pepper) the question as to what could be meant by "emergent law," the dichotomy "emergent quality" -"emergent law" yields a trichotomy of emergent theories: (a) theories
The Ontology of Complex Systems: Levels of Organization, Perspectives, and Causal Thickets
Willard van Orman Quine once said that he had a preference for a desert ontology. This was in an earlier day when concerns with logical structure and ontological simplicity reigned supreme.