The Black high school and its community

  title={The Black high school and its community},
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The Principal Pipeline: A Qualitative Exploration of Strategies for the Recruitment and Retention of Black Male Public School Principals
Given the recent decline in the number of Black male principals, the purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore the teacher-to-principal pipeline recruitment process and retentionExpand
A Road Less Traveled: Learning With And From Contemporary Black Secondary School Leaders
Effective school leadership is at the center of educational reform in urban environments. Constituents expect school leaders to transform under-performing schools. However, the educational leadershipExpand
Education to Subordinate-Education to Liberate. An Historical Study of the Dual Role of Education for African Americans, 1865-1968
EMERSON, DIANE EUGENIA. Education to Subordinate-Education to Liberate. An Historical Study of the Dual Role of Education for African Americans, 1865-1968. (Dr. Anna Victoria Wilson, Chairperson)Expand
African American Teaching in the South: 1940–1960
Researchers depict African American teachers in the South during segregation alternately as either victims of oppressive circumstances or as caring role models. These disparate portraits fail toExpand
Valued Segregated Schools for African American Children in the South, 1935-1969: A Review of Common Themes and Characteristics
For the last two decades, the published research on the history of education of African Americans in the south during the era of de jure segregation has shifted from a focus on the inequalitiesExpand
Black Male Leaders Care Too: An Introduction to Black Masculine Caring in Educational Leadership
Background: This study addresses the leadership of African American male leaders and their operationalization of the ethic of care in their practice by analyzing the educational leadership of AfricanExpand
Desegregation and the (Dis)Integration of Black School Leaders: Reflections on the Impact of Brown v. Board of Education on Black Education
ABSTRACT The history of education for African Americans in the United States is one of struggle largely due to laws that forbade the education of enslaved Africans. Resultingly, education exists in aExpand
Equalizing Resources vs. Retaining Black Political Power: Paradoxes of an Urban-Suburban School District Merger in Durham, North Carolina, 1958–1996
Two separate school districts—a city one and a county one—operated independently in Durham, North Carolina, until the early 1990s. The two districts merged relatively late compared to other NorthExpand
Ambivalence, Angst, and Hope
The final blow to segregated schools in Mississippi was delivered on October 29, 1969 in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education. The Court made crystalExpand