The Black/White Binary Paradigm of Race: The 'Normal Science' of American Racial Thought

  title={The Black/White Binary Paradigm of Race: The 'Normal Science' of American Racial Thought},
  author={Juan Guillermo Figueroa Perea},
  journal={California Law Review},
  • J. Perea
  • Published 1997
  • Sociology
  • California Law Review
The Black/White Binary Paradigm of race has become the subject of increasing interest and scrutiny among some scholars of color. This Article uses Thomas Kuhn’s notions of paradigm and the properties of paradigms to explore several leading works on race. The works the author explores demonstrate the Black/White paradigm of race and some of its properties, among them extensive paradigm elaboration over the years. Paradigms have limitations, however. Among them is a tendency to truncate history… Expand
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