The Birth of the Clinic

  title={The Birth of the Clinic},
  author={Michel Foucault},
1. Spaces and Classes 2. A Political Consciousness 3. The Free Field 4. The Old Age of the Clinic 5. The Lesson of the Hospitals 6. Signs and Cases 7. Seeing and Knowing 8. Open Up a Few Corpses 9. The Visible Invisible 10. Crisis in Fevers 

Madness and coping

This paper describes the disappearance of madness from medical discourse in the 20th century and the concomitant‘invention’of the neuroses. It is argued that this change in apparent psychiatric

Afterword: the body and the senses

Discussion of 'The Body and the Senses' section in The Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities. Exploration of the body's different articulation in the arts and humanities vs the

Hysterical Conversion

  • C. Mace
  • Psychology, Medicine
    British Journal of Psychiatry
  • 1992
The career of the diagnosis of conversion hysteria is reviewed at a time when it is threatened with expulsion from classifications of psychiatric disorder. Criticism of its face validity has not led

Postmodernism and Clinical Practice: A Critical Analysis of the Disease Model

The limitations of the disease model are analyzed through a postmodern perspective and Socially sensitive strategies for clinical intervention are offered.

The Shadows of Atheology

This essay examines a hidden link in biopolitical thinking after Foucault — the relation between biology and theology. The result is a turn away from the dichotomy of life/death and towards a

Canguilhem and the problem of pathology

This article examines continuities and change in Cangilhem's thought with particular reference to the status of biology and sociology and to the theme of intellectual and social progress. It is

The Medicalization of Education: A Historiographic Synthesis

  • S. Petrina
  • Economics
    History of Education Quarterly
  • 2006
We believed we had overwhelming evidence that to know a child better is to love it more.

Radical presence: Alternatives to the therapeutic state

  • S. McNamee
  • Psychology
    Beyond the Therapeutic State
  • 2020
This article introduces the idea of radical presence as an alternative to the current therapeutic state (or psy-complex) within which we live today. Radical presence challenges us to confront the

A Study on the Attitudes Toward Health Care and Curative Practices of People in an Urban Area

The interpretation and explanation of the causes of ill health varied among human populations in different ages, but despite these variations the major concern was always the treatment and cure of the ill.

The Normal and Pathological: The Concept of a Scientific Medicine

  • Mary Tiles
  • Medicine
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1993
Canguilhem's examination of the history of the distinction between the normal and the pathological contains material of relevance to current debates about the nature of medicine, in particular concerning the status of quantitative indicators as indicators of the need for medical intervention.