The Bird Cult of Easter Island

  title={The Bird Cult of Easter Island},
  author={Scoresby Routledge and K. Routledge},
IN the issue of Folk-lore for December last Mrs. Scoresby Routledge gives a singularly interesting account of the bird cult of Easter Island. The sacred bird is the sooty tern (Sterna fuliginosa), and the valued privilege of securing the first egg is a matter of competition between members of the Mata-toa group, the right to become a competitor being acquired only by supernatural agency. The selection is made through a dream vouchsafed to a divinely gifted individual, the Iviatua. The candidate… 

Behrens ’ narrative of the discovery of Easter Island : Two editions , two personalities , two realities

Vol. 26 (1) May 201268 I explain my rendering of the statue’s name in a footnote, and I believe the explanation given to be sufficient for the reader familiar with Rapanui language. Let me reword it.

Manu narratives of Polynesia: a comparative study of birds in 300 traditional Polynesian stories

In all traditional Polynesian societies, birds engaged humans’ imagination with their songs, their colours and their power of flight, especially because of the absence of large land mammals in


A digital survey, combining photogrammetry and reflectance transformation imaging (RTI), offers significant new insights into the British Museum's Easter Island statue called Hoa Hakananai'a. These

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Abstract Historical accounts of European exploration and intervention in Polynesia during the later eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries speak of the complex interpretative fields through which

Stone-lined earth ovens in Easter Island

Prior to the recent description of stone-lined ovens in Hawaii (Hendren, 1975, 133, 139), such ovens had not been reported elsewhere in Polynesia, and as a result some attention has been placed on

Stratigraphy, chronology, and cultural context of an early faunal assemblage from Easter Island

We report on the text excavation of a small trench at the coastal site of Ahu Nau- nau, Anakena, Easter Island (Rapanui), Chile. The cultural deposits are a basal silty clay overlain by up to 1.3 m

Rapa Nui rock art in context: Steps toward an understanding of the inscribed landscape inside the caldera of Rano Kau Volcano

Abstract:One of the most important and most studied rock art locales on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is the ceremonial complex of 'Orongo, the center of a uniquely Rapanui festival of the birdman and

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The time-tested Indigenous fishing knowledge (IFK) of Fiji and the Pacific Islands is seriously threatened due to the commercialization of fishing, breakdown of traditional communal leadership and

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French heritage architects. The cathedral, which can accommodate 2000 people, was commissioned to be built by the Catholic missionary Father Honore Laval, who brought Christianity to the islands in