The Biophysics of Acupuncture: Emerging Patterns From Selected Studies

  title={The Biophysics of Acupuncture: Emerging Patterns From Selected Studies},
  author={Richard F. Hobbs},
  journal={Medical Acupuncture},
  • R. Hobbs
  • Published 6 November 2009
  • Biology
  • Medical Acupuncture
The underlying mechanisms of acupuncture and moxibustion are not self-evident, thus engendering considerable research interest. This article provides a glimpse of some of the pieces of the puzzle and draws some inferences from patterns that are emerging. Selected investigations of physical properties of points and channels, cellular effects of acupuncture, and physiologic effects are considered. Collectively, results point to some organizing principles that may give direction to future research… 
Thermography of Laser Treatment at Zusanli Acupuncture Point
The obtained results demonstrate that laseropuncture in IR spectrum shows the existence of the "light channel" in the body that correspond to the acupuncture meridians.
A case study of photon detection after acupuncture stimulation
Whether the stimulation of certain acupoints in an healthy subject can elicit a variation in the photon emission from the body of the subject, within a 30-minute time frame, in the UV-VIS-IR spectral band is investigated, as documentable by the MIRA(Hyperspectral Imaging “HIS”) device.
Characterization of Primo Nodes and Vessels by High Resolution Light Microscopy
The structural features of primo nodes, vessels, and capillaries observed with a high resolution light microscope are very different from those observed in blood and lymphatic vascular samples.
Thermal Imaging in Monitoring of Laser Acupuncture - A Case Report
Many studies show the alterations of electrical conductivity of the skin along the acupuncture points and canals or optical characterists of heat transfer after moxibustion. The aim of this paper was


Experimental exploration and research prospect of physical bases and functional characteristics of meridians
The physical basis of meridians and acupoints (acupuncture points) is in a complex system mainly of connective tissue and interwoven with the blood capillaries, nerves, lymph vessels, etc. Elements
Nuclear Medicine Investigation of Transmission of Acupuncture Information
The findings show that the preferential pathways taken by the radiotracer coincide with acupuncture meridians as described in Chinese traditional medicine, and it has been established that these pathways are distinguishable from either lymphatic or vascular routes.
Biophotonics in the infrared spectral range reveal acupuncture meridian structure of the body.
This study shows, for the first time, evidence of the existence of the acupuncture meridian structure in the human body, and it is likely that living matter is not in the ground state, but permanently electronically excited.
Electrical characterization of acupuncture points: technical issues and challenges.
  • A. Ahn, O. Martinsen
  • Materials Science
    Journal of alternative and complementary medicine
  • 2007
Electrode polarizability, stratum corneum impedance, presence of sweat glands, choice of contact medium, electrode geometry, and other factors contribute to the final electrodermal reading and may cause doubts about the validity of available electrodiagnostic devices.
Electrical properties of acupuncture points and meridians: A systematic review
Based on this review, the evidence does not conclusively support the claim that acupuncture points or meridians are electrically distinguishable, but the preliminary findings are suggestive and offer future directions for research based on in‐depth interpretation of the data.
Spectral characteristic of infrared radiations of some acupoint and non-acupoint areas in human arm surface
Using infrared spectrum detective device, we experiment on Neiguan, Laogong and Hegu acupoints of seven adult volunteers as well as contrastive points beside ones. We get 63 infrared spectrums. The
[The role of collagen fiber in "Zusanli" (ST 36) in acupuncture analgesia in the rat].
Collagen fibers participate in transmission and transform process of acupuncture signs from the acupoint to the target organ, and the degranulation of mast cells is positively correlated with acupuncture analgesia.
Electrical impedance along connective tissue planes associated with acupuncture meridians
Investigation of electrical impedance along segments of acupuncture meridians and corresponding parallel control segments suggested that contact of the needle with connective tissue may explain the decrease in electrical impedance noted at the Pericardium meridian.
Skin Impedance Measurements for Acupuncture Research: Development of a Continuous Recording System
The design considerations, development and testing of a single channel skin impedance system, which is a suitable device upon which to develop a fully automated multi-channel device capable of recording skin impedance at multiple APs simultaneously over 24 h, are described.
The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Text for Acupuncturists and Herbalists
This chapter discusses Yin-Yang..The 5 Elements, the Transformation of Qi, the Five Transporting Points, and the Acupuncture Points.