The Biomass mission, status of the satellite system

  title={The Biomass mission, status of the satellite system},
  author={Marco Arcioni and Paolo Bensi and M. Fehringer and Franco Fois and Florence H{\'e}li{\`e}re and C.-C. Lin and Klaus Scipal},
  journal={2014 IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium},
Earth Explorers are the backbone of the science and research element of European Space Agency (ESA)'s Living Planet Programme, providing an important contribution to the understanding of the Earth system. Following the User Consultation Meeting held in Graz, Austria on 5-6 March 2013, the ESA Program Board has decided implementing Biomass as the 7th Earth Explorer Mission within the frame of the ESA Earth Observation Envelope Programme. This paper will give an overview of the satellite system… CONTINUE READING

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