The Biological Activity of Natural and Mutant Ptα Alleles

  title={The Biological Activity of Natural and Mutant Ptα Alleles},
  author={Deena Gibbons and Nataki C. Douglas and Domingo Francisco Barber and Qiang Liu and Renee Sullo and Liping Geng and H. Fehling and Harald von Boehmer and Adrian C. Hayday},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={695 - 704}
beta selection is a major checkpoint in early thymocyte differentiation, mediated by successful expression of the pre-T cell receptor (TCR) comprising the TCRbeta chain, CD3 proteins, and a surrogate TCRalpha chain, pTalpha. The mechanism of action of the pre-TCR is unresolved. In humans and mice, the pTalpha gene encodes two RNAs, pTalpha(a), and a substantially truncated form, pTalpha(b). This study shows that both are biologically active in their capacity to rescue multiple thymocyte defects… CONTINUE READING


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