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The Biogas Sector Development : Current and future trends in Western and Northern Europe

  title={The Biogas Sector Development : Current and future trends in Western and Northern Europe},
  author={Laurent Geerolf},
The following study attempts to provide a comparative analysis of the biogas production activities in 15 countries in Western and Northern Europe. The goal is, for each country, to gather all the a ... 
Support for biogas in the EU electricity sector – A comparative analysis
Abstract This paper aims to present a comparative analysis of biogas electricity deployment in EU countries over the period of 2010–2017. The analysis shows that the deployment of biogas electricityExpand
Operational Parameters of Biogas Plants: A Review and Evaluation Study
The biogas production technology has improved over the last years for the aim of reducing the costs of the process, increasing the biogas yields, and minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions. ToExpand
Techno-economic evaluation of carbon capture technologies integrated to flexible renewable energy system
Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT LUT School of Energy Systems Energy Technology Joonas Hyvärinen Techno-economic evaluation of carbon capture technologies integrated to flexibleExpand
A comprehensive review on electricity generation and GHG emission reduction potentials through anaerobic digestion of agricultural and livestock/slaughterhouse wastes in Iran
Agricultural and livestock/slaughterhouse wastes are produced in huge quantities and could be promising sources for electricity generation to partially reduce dependence on fossil-orientedExpand
Manure anaerobic digestion effects and the role of pre- and post-treatments on veterinary antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes removal efficiency.
AD in its current technological level is not a guarantee for complete removal of VAs, ARGs and MGEs from manure Consequently, intensive management strategies need to be designed to increase removal efficiency at the different manure management points along the anaerobic digestion process. Expand
Valorization of food waste and economical treatment: Effect of inoculation methods
Abstract We evaluated cost-effective food waste (FW) treatment and synthesis of volatile fatty acids (VFA) using a leach bed reactor (LBR) operated at neutral pH and room temperature to maximize theExpand
Gas Hydrates as a Means for Biogas and Biomethane Distribution
Biomethane is receiving great attention as a renewable energy gas with lower environmental impacts and diversified sources of production. However, availability of gas infrastructure is an importantExpand


Future European biogas: Animal manure, straw and grass potentials for a sustainable European biogas production
Abstract Biogas is expected to play an important role in reaching the future energy policy targets of the European Union (EU). The sustainability of biogas substrates has however been recentlyExpand
Substituting energy crops with organic wastes and agro-industrial residues for biogas production.
It is evident that the biogas plants at farm level are good candidates for treating organic residues of both municipalities and the agro-industrial sector in a cost-effective way, and in providing territorially diffused electric and thermal power. Expand
Analysis of solutions alleviating CO2 emissions intensity of biogas technology
Biogas is a multi-purpose technology capable of harvesting renewable energy, converting organic wastes and supplying low-carbon biofuels for transport which all mitigate atmospheric carbon emissions.Expand
Limited adoption of short rotation coppice: The role of farmers' socio-cultural identity in influencing practice
Abstract UK energy policy promotes biomass energy crops as potentially significant contributors to renewable energy targets, but few farmers have planted these crops. Amongst the many possibleExpand
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