The Biodiversity Convention and Intellectual Property Rights: A Study in Sustainable Development

  title={The Biodiversity Convention and Intellectual Property Rights: A Study in Sustainable Development},
  author={S. Verma},
  journal={India Quarterly},
  pages={18 - 5}
  • S. Verma
  • Published 1995
  • Political Science
  • India Quarterly
he concept of 'sustainable development", in most simple T terms, means 'making things last, making them permanent and durable".' In the foreword to the 'Brundtland Report" (Our Common Future), it is stated to mean 'a development appropriate to the needs of today's generation, yet without jeopardising future generations; chance of satisfying their own needs and choosing their life style. The demand that the development be made 'sustainable' applies to all countries and all people".2 The concept… Expand
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