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The Bilaplacian with Robin boundary conditions

  title={The Bilaplacian with Robin boundary conditions},
  author={Davide Buoso and James B. Kennedy},
We introduce Robin boundary conditions for biharmonic operators, which are a model for elastically supported plates and are closely related to the study of spaces of traces of Sobolev functions. We study the dependence of the operator, its eigenvalues, and eigenfunctions on the Robin parameters. We show in particular that when the parameters go to plus infinity the Robin problem converges to other biharmonic problems, and obtain estimates on the rate of divergence when the parameters go to… Expand
Semiclassical bounds for spectra of biharmonic operators.
The averaged variational principle (AVP) is applied to various biharmonic operators. For the Riesz mean $R_1(z)$ of the eigenvalues we improve the known sharp semiclassical bounds in terms of theExpand
Positivity for the clamped plate equation under high tension
In this article we consider positivity issues for the clamped plate equation with high tension γ > 0. This equation is given by ∆2u − γ∆u = f under clamped boundary conditions. Here we show, thatExpand
Two inequalities for the first Robin eigenvalue of the Finsler Laplacian
Abstract. Let Ω Ă R, n ě 2, be a bounded connected, open set with Lipschitz boundary. Let F be a suitable norm in R and let ∆Fu “ div pFξp∇uqF p∇uqq be the so-colled Finsler Laplacian, with u P HpΩq.Expand
A Sharp Isoperimetric Inequality for the Second Eigenvalue of the Robin Plate
Among all $C^{\infty}$ bounded domains with equal volume, we show that the second eigenvalue of the Robin plate is uniquely maximized by an open ball, so long as the Robin parameter lies within aExpand


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We consider the Robin eigenvalue problem ∆u+λu = 0 in Ω, ∂u/∂ν +αu = 0 on ∂Ω where Ω ⊂ R, n > 2 is a bounded domain and α is a real parameter. We investigate the behavior of the eigenvalues λk(α) ofExpand
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Abstract We consider the eigenvalue problem Δu + λu = 0 in Ω with Robin condition + αu = 0 on ∂Ω , where Ω ⊂ Rn , n ≥ 2 is a bounded domain and α is a real parameter. We obtain the estimates to theExpand
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Bounds and extremal domains for Robin eigenvalues with negative boundary parameter
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