The Big Jump from the Legs of a Frog [Historical]

  title={The Big Jump from the Legs of a Frog [Historical]},
  author={Massimo Guarnieri},
  journal={IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine},
  • M. Guarnieri
  • Published 12 December 2014
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
In recent years, we have witnessed growth in the importance of electrochemical storage for both stationary and mobile applications. With regard to the former, we have seen that the increasing penetration of intermittent renewable sources and of smart grids requires energy storage capabilities suitable for providing services with different technoeconomical horizons, such as sag compensation, frequency regulation, power smoothing, load leveling, load following, grid stabilization, power balancing… 
Electrification in Urban Transport: A Case Study with Real-time Data
— Electrification in urban transportation is becoming more popular, it is also becoming a necessity due to climate changes and sustainability issues. Trolleybuses are presenting an alternative for
Revolving and Evolving-Early dc Machines [Historical]
  • M. Guarnieri
  • Engineering
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2018
In an age largely characterized by information and communication technology, which uses more and more feeble currents, electrical power is experiencing a period of excellent health and heading toward
Switching the Light: From Chemical to Electrical [Historical]
There are many good reasons to celebrate light besides the scientific achievements triggered by al-Haytham's work 1,000 years ago, which was described in the 'Historical' column in the last issue of
An Historical Survey on Light Technologies
A survey of the exploitation of light throughout the authors' history, including cinema, image processing, lasers, photovoltaic cells, and optical discs, and the recent success of fiber optics, white LEDs, and holography, evidence how vastly and deeply the interaction between light and man is still growing.
The Rise of Light—Discovering Its Secrets [Scanning Our Past]
Their knowledge of light, broadening in time, has increasingly enlightened their understanding of the world the authors live in, and, after all, the comprehension of ourselves.
A Glance at Circuit Theory Development [Historical]
Although circuit theory is fundamental in the study and design of electric systems for both information and power applications, its history has seldom been told in the scientific literature. This
Hands-on training of modeling and simulation of power systems at the warsaw university of technology [chapter news]
  • A. Milczarek
  • Engineering
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2019
52 IEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE ■ March 2019 O n 15 September 2017, students a nd employees of the Warsaw University of Technolog y, Poland, had the opportunity to participate in handson
More Light on Information [Historical]
At the turn of the 20th century, when electric light superseded chemically fueled lamps, new uses of light began to emerge. They regarded information processing and transmission rather than power and
The rise of light
  • M. Guarnieri
  • Physics
    2015 ICOHTEC/IEEE International History of High-Technologies and their Socio-Cultural Contexts Conference (HISTELCON)
  • 2015
This article is inspired by the celebration of the year light in 2015 and regards the long lasting relationship between man and light. Man started using light in prehistoric times and the oldest


When Cars Went Electric, Part One [Historical]
  • M. Guarnieri
  • Engineering
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2011
In recent years, increasing attention to environmental pollution and concern about the depletion of oil reserves have boosted an interest in electric and hybrid cars as viable alternatives to
When Cars Went Electric, Part 2 [Historical]
  • M. Guarnieri
  • Engineering
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2011
A major boost to electrical cars was provided by efficient dc electrical motors, which were primarily introduced by Zenobe Gramme (1826-1901) in France in 1873, and Plante's rechargeable lead acid
Birth of Amplification Before Vacuum Tubes [Historical]
Tracking back the history of electricity, we see that the possibility of transmitting electrical signals very quickly was conceived soon after English physicist Stephen Gray (~16661736) discovered
Who Invented the Transformer? [Historical]
If we were to ask who invented the transformer, we would obtain different answers from different countries. The same would happen if we asked who conceived the internal combustion engine, the
Electricity in the Age of Enlightenment [Historical]
The author gives a review of the historical development of electricity during the Age of Enlightenment (1600-1800), including work from William Gilbert to Benjamin Franklin.
Once Upon a Time?The Compass [Historical]
Some time ago, a short article about the magnetic compass was placed on the Internet by ?The Institute Alert? of the IEEE, which brought to my mind that the story of this small and simple device
Electrical Energy Storage for the Grid: A Battery of Choices
The battery systems reviewed here include sodium-sulfur batteries that are commercially available for grid applications, redox-flow batteries that offer low cost, and lithium-ion batteries whose development for commercial electronics and electric vehicles is being applied to grid storage.
When cars went electric, Part 1
  • IEEE Ind. Electron. Mag., vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 61–62, 2013.
  • 2013
Revisiting Energy Storage: There Is a Business Case
  • 2011