The Bicentennial of American Mathematics Journals

  title={The Bicentennial of American Mathematics Journals},
  author={David E. Zitarelli},
  journal={The College Mathematics Journal},
  pages={15 - 2}
David Zitarelli ( received his Ph.D. in algebraic semigroups under Mario Petrich at Penn State, and is now an associate professor of mathematics at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has written several textbooks on finite mathematics and calculus (with R. Coughlin), a computer lab manual for linear algebra (with D. Hill), a liberal-arts text using ethnomathematics in a collaborative setting, and a book on the history of the EPADEL Section of the MAA. Recently he wrote about… 
Analyzing Melatiah Nash and The Ladies and Gentlemen's Diary
Journals have long been a staple in the history of the spread of mathematical ideas. This paper analyzes one the first attempts at such a journal in the United States: The Ladies and Gentlemen’s
Socialisation dans la presse américaine de questions mathématiques (1820-1832)
Entre 1820 et 1832, deux journaux de « questions-reponses » occupent le terrain de la presse mathematique aux Etats-Unis. Comme leurs predecesseurs americains, The Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Diary, or
The Mystery of Robert Adrain


The fading amateur: William Lenhart and 19th-century American mathematics
The Emergence of the American Mathematical Research Community, 1876-1900: J. J. Sylvester, Felix Klein, and E. H. Moore
1: An overview of American mathematics: 1776--1876. 2: A new departmental prototype: J. J. Sylvester and the Johns Hopkins University. 3: Mathematics at Sylvester's Hopkins. 4: German mathematics and
Parlors, Primers, and Public Schooling: Education for Science in Nineteenth-Century America
a a Befire you can learn the priniciples on a ii( hic the classificaK < tiEsS x; /// il,l tionofplantsdepends, it is necessary that a You should become acquainted witll the $ _ / |X ))i,|l
Some Aspects of American Astronomy 1750-1815
T HE purpose of the present essay is to describe some of the main directions of observation and inquiry in American astronomy in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and to show how
The "Ladies' Diary": Gender, Mathematics, and Civil Society in Early-Eighteenth-Century England
The influential Ladies' Diary, or Woman's Almanack (1704-1840) owed its long affiliation with mathematics to the contributions of an active readership. This article describes how the Ladies' Diary's
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Introduction Catalog of the West Point collection Catalog of 1803 Inventory of books, maps and charts, belonging to the Military Academy at West Point Photographs Portraits in the collection
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In this first effort to define an American scientific community, originally published in 1968, George Daniels has chosen for special study the 56 scientists most published in the 16 scientific