The Bi-Functional Organization of Human Basement Membranes

  title={The Bi-Functional Organization of Human Basement Membranes},
  author={Willi M Halfter and Christophe A Monnier and David M Mueller and Philipp Oertle and Guy T Uechi and M. Balasubramani and Farhad Safi and Roderick Y H Lim and Marko Loparic and Paul B Henrich},
  booktitle={PloS one},
The current basement membrane (BM) model proposes a single-layered extracellular matrix (ECM) sheet that is predominantly composed of laminins, collagen IVs and proteoglycans. The present data show that BM proteins and their domains are asymmetrically organized providing human BMs with side-specific properties: A) isolated human BMs roll up in a side-specific pattern, with the epithelial side facing outward and the stromal side inward. The rolling is independent of the curvature of the tissue… CONTINUE READING