The Bhagavadgītā: Acknowledgements

  title={The Bhagavadgītā: Acknowledgements},
  author={Angelika Malinar},
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The X+Y+Zen of “Temple Yoga” in Japan: Heretically-Sealed Cultural Hybridity
As terms, “Yoga” and “Zen” are as ubiquitous as they are banal. They float, freely, empty of any real meaning. Just about anything could be , Zen; in the same way that, just about anything could be ,
Yudhiṣṭhira and the blending of mokṣa into the puruṣārthas: A way of thinking about the dialogue of the Ṣaḍgītā
Yudhiṣṭhira has long been considered a character who is at the crossroads of two different ideologies, i.e., pravṛtti, active social engagement, and nivṛtti, withdrawal from social engagement.