The Best of Both Worlds?

  title={The Best of Both Worlds?},
  author={Morgan Genevieve Blue},
  journal={Feminist Media Studies},
  pages={660 - 675}
  • M. Blue
  • Published 23 August 2013
  • Art
  • Feminist Media Studies
The Disney Channel hit show, Hannah Montana, constructs contemporary US girlhood and notions of femininity in relation to celebrity, such that its primary girl characters, Hannah Montana, Miley Stewart, and Lilly Truscott, as well as star Miley Cyrus, are positioned as particularly post-feminist subjects. In such a context, each of these girls can be understood as having chosen to perform a femininity that finds its locus in the maintenance and control of the body, as an illustration of her… 

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Tween Intimacy and the Problem of Public Life in Children’s Media: “Having It All” on the Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana intervenes directly in discourses about childhood, publicness, and consumerism, establishing a model of hugely successful multimedia celebrity acts, bridging film, television, and popular music and focused entirely on preadolescent child audiences.

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The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change

Review(s) of: The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change, by McRobbie, Angela, Sage, London, 2009, ISBN 9 7807 6197 0620, vi + 184 pp., A$49.95, Distributor: Footprint Books.

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Acknowledgments Introduction 1. The 'Can-Do' Girl Versus the 'At-Risk' Girl 2. Jobs for the Girls? Education and Employment in the New Economy 3. Citizenship and the Self-Made Girl 4. Spaces of