The Best of All Possible Worlds: Mathematics and Destiny

  title={The Best of All Possible Worlds: Mathematics and Destiny},
  author={Ivar Ekeland},
Optimists believe this is the best of all possible worlds. And pessimists fear that might really be the case. But what "is" the best of all possible worlds? How do we define it? Is it the world that operates the most efficiently? Or the one in which most people are comfortable and content? Questions such as these have preoccupied philosophers and theologians for ages, but there was a time, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when scientists and mathematicians felt they could… 


nature to a description of the physical world. He began by observing that the world could have only "one source, because of the interconnection among all ... things" (7959, p. 152). This source must

Calculus of Variations and Applications

  • Mathematics
1 This chapter is a little more " classic " than the others. It introduces calculus of variations , an elegant field not often covered in modern math curricula. A knowledge of multivariable calculus

Entanglement in Solid-State Nanostructures

The goal of this thesis is to investigate theoretically the generation and behaviour of multipartite entanglement for solid-state nanosystems, in particular electron spin quantum bits (so-called

Uncertainty in biodiversity science, policy and management: a conceptual overview

The protection of biodiversity is a complex societal, political and ultimately practical imperative of current global society. The imperative builds upon scientific knowledge on human dependence on

Ecosystem Management A Management View

The need for management of the marine ecosystem using a broad perspective has been recommended under a variety of names. This paper uses the term Ecosystem Management, which is seen as a convergence

Lunaport: Math, Mechanics & Transport

Issues for transport facilities on the lunar surface related to science, engineering, architecture, and human-factors are discussed and their relations with math and computation are outlined.

The mathematical background of Lomonosov’s contribution

This is a short overview of the influence of the mathematicians of the Enlightenment on the creative contribution of Mikhaĭlo Lomonosov.

On callgraphs and generative mechanisms

  • D. Bilar
  • Computer Science
    Journal in Computer Virology
  • 2007
A two-step optimization process involving human designers and code compilers is proposed to account for these structural features of executables.

Nonstandard tools of nonsmooth analysis

This is an overview of the basic tools of nonsmooth analysis which are grounded on nonstandard models of set theory. By way of illustration we give a criterion for an infinitesimally optimal path of