The Benefits and Hazards of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand

  title={The Benefits and Hazards of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand},
  author={Nathaniel Branden},
  journal={Journal of Humanistic Psychology},
  pages={39 - 64}
For eighteen years I was a close associate of novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand whose books, notably The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrrugged, inspired a philosophical movement known as objectivism. This philosophy places its central emphasis on reason, individualism, enlightened self-interest, political freedom-and a heroic vision of life's possibilities. Following an explosive parting of the ways with Ayn Rand in 1968, I have been asked many times about the nature of our differences. This article is… Expand
Beauvoir and Rand: Asphyxiating People, Having Sex, and Pursuing a Career
In an attempt to start rectifying a lamentable disparity in scholarship, we evince fruitful points of similarity and difference in the ideas of Simone de Beauvoir and Ayn Rand, paying particularExpand
Nine Humanistic Heresies
A heresy is what happens when one part of a coherent body of doctrine gets taken and blown up in size until it becomes something new, but distorted and one-sided. The heresies in this article areExpand
The Peikovian Doctrine of the Arbitrary Assertion
1The doctrine raises s everal philosophical questions. Does an epistemology firmly grounded in facts about human mental functioning, as Rand’s c laims to be, require a n otion of the arbitrary? IsExpand
Objectivism: Past and Future: Lecture and Question-Answer Session
In this lecture by Nathaniel Branden given on 23 November 1996 before the California Institute for Applied Objectivism, the late psychotherapist and theorist discusses the past and future of theExpand
Role of Teacher's Attitude and Attribute in Fostering Students' Self Esteem
This research was aimed at investigating the teacher’s role in fostering students’ self esteem as assessed by students with the objective to identify the role of a teacher’s attitude and attribute inExpand
The Nathaniel Branden Annotated Bibliography
This bibliography constitutes the most extensive compilation of references on Nathaniel Branden yet published.


Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology
Today man's mind is under attack by all the leading schools of philosophy. We are told that we cannot trust our senses, that logic is arbitrary, that concepts have no basis in reality. Ayn RandExpand
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