The Benefit Corporation: A Questionable Solution to a Non-Existent Problem

  title={The Benefit Corporation: A Questionable Solution to a Non-Existent Problem},
  author={Justin Blount and Kwabena Offei-Danso},

Legal Literature Review of Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing (2007-2017): Doing Good by Doing Business

Although the ambition to do good by doing business is not new, the burgeoning realization of this ambition is. As the fields of social entrepreneurship and impact investing advance in size, scope and

The New Italian Benefit Corporation

The object of this work is the study of a new model of company introduced in Italy with Law No. 208/2015, the Benefit Corporation, a form of undertaking with joint lucrative and altruistic purposes.

Social Enterprise Law in Action: Organizational Characteristics of U.S. Benefit Corporations

The benefit corporation is now the most widely adopted innovation in state corporate law in nearly two decades. Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation enabling the

Do Benefit Corporations Represent a Policy Threat to Nonprofits?

  • S. Toepler
  • Economics, Law
    Nonprofit Policy Forum
  • 2018
Abstract In the US and increasingly internationally as well, considerable efforts have been made in recent years to introduce new legal forms, such as the benefit corporation, at the local level as

How Change Happens: The Benefit Corporation in the United States and Considerations for Australia

As social enterprise has gained in profile, there has been a proliferation of new hybrid corporate forms that combine the pursuit of both profits and social objectives, and the creator of the popular

Assessing Value Differences Between Leaders of Two Social Venture Types: Benefit Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations

This study considers key value differences between leaders of two types of social ventures: for-profit social benefit corporations and nonprofit organizations. The research question asks to what

The Human Factor to Profitability: Leveraging People-Centered Cultures as Meaningful Organizations

Employees want to work for organizations that provide a sense of purpose. People-centered organizational cultures promote meaningful organizations. In people-centered cultures, all people are

Benefit Corporations: ¿Hacia una primacía renovada del accionista?

El objetivo de este trabajo es reflexionar acerca de si las benefit corporations (BC) conducen a una nueva primacia basada en la busqueda del bienestar de todos los grupos de interes. Para ello, se


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