The Bell Tolls for Homeopathy: Time for Change in the Training and Practice of North American Naturopathic Physicians

  title={The Bell Tolls for Homeopathy: Time for Change in the Training and Practice of North American Naturopathic Physicians},
  author={David Hart Nelson and Jaclyn M. Perchaluk and Alan C Logan and Martin A Katzman},
  journal={Journal of Evidence-based Integrative Medicine},
North American naturopathic medicine is a distinct form of practice that is woven into the larger fabric of integrative medicine; in a number of US states and Canadian provinces, naturopathic doctors enjoy a wide scope of practice, including the ability to make diagnoses, order tests, use medical technology, write prescription drugs, and perform minor surgeries. However, the basic premise of naturopathic medicine and its guiding principles—considering the whole person and supporting healthy… Expand
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Understanding the ethical implications of the rituals of medicine
Physicians should reflect on whether aspects of their ritual interactions are undertaken on the basis of sentiment, custom or evidence‐based outcomes, and whether rituals should be defended, continued in a modified fashion or even abandoned in favour of new behaviours suitable for and salient with contemporary practice in the interests of patient care. Expand
Serotonin syndrome in a Parkinson disease patient after intake of an ethanol-containing homeopathic medication.
A case of an elderly Parkinson disease patient who has been neurologically stable on rasagiline and escitalopram for 1 year but developed serotonin syndrome after intake of an ethanol-containing homeopathic medication, highlighting the importance of drug interactions in patients taking several medications. Expand
The Myth of Mycotoxins and Mold Injury
The existence of toxic mold syndrome has been disproven, despite the numerous disreputable practices such as testing homes for mold spores, measuring “mycotoxins” in the urine, and testing patients for IgG to mold. Expand
Probiotics of Diverse Origin and Their Therapeutic Applications: A Review
This review focuses on various kinds of sources of probiotic originated from different organisms and various non-dairy substrates for the production of probiotics and their applications in various human health aspects and future perspectives. Expand
International Health Security: A Summative Assessment by ACAIM Consensus Group
International health security (IHS) encompasses any natural or anthropogenic occurrence that can threaten the safety of human health and well-being. The American College of Academic InternationalExpand
Can energetic vaccines, based on physics, be the sound options for COVID-19 and other pandemics in the absence of pharmaceutical vaccines?
The aim of the study is to rapidly produce an energetic SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for an urgent clinical trial. The methods used to conduct the study: (1) a process of serial dilutions in water media andExpand


North American naturopathic medicine in the 21st century: Time for a seventh guiding principle – Scientia Critica
It is contention that the progression of professional naturopathic medicine in the 21st century – with goals of personal, public and planetary health – requires the active pursuit of critical analysis. Expand
Homeopathy – what are the active ingredients? An exploratory study using the UK Medical Research Council's framework for the evaluation of complex interventions
This study has identified a range of factors that might account for the effectiveness of homeopathic care, some of which are specific to homeopathy, and counsel against the use of placebo-controlled RCT designs in which both arms would potentially be receiving specific active ingredients. Expand
Beliefs, endorsement and application of homeopathy disclosed: a survey among ambulatory care physicians.
The use of homeopathy among physicians working in outpatient care, factors associated with prescribing homeopathy, and the therapeutic intentions and attitudes involved are described, finding that medical specialties use homeopathy with significantly varying frequency and only half of the prescribes clearly intend to achieve specific effects. Expand
Proposed mechanisms for homeopathy are physically impossible
The proposed mechanisms of homeopathy are shown to be implausible when analysed from a physical and chemical perspective, and thus it is of no surprise that the biological effects of homeopathic medicines cannot be measured in large-scale clinical trials. Expand
How Should We Respond to Non-Dominant Healing Practices, the Example of Homeopathy
  • B. Gray
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
  • 2016
A framework to establish the extent to which the dominant medical culture should tolerate non-dominant health practices such as homeopathy is discussed, which requires a sophisticated understanding of the placebo effect. Expand
Naturopathic medicine and aboriginal health: an exploratory study at Anishnawbe Health Toronto.
The naturopathic clinic at AHT contributes to positive patient outcomes and satisfaction and helps address unmet health needs in this population and may be well suited to address Aboriginal health care needs through its holistic and respectful approach to care. Expand
Treatment of Depression and Anxiety by Naturopathic Physicians: An Observational Study of Naturopathic Medicine Within an Integrated Multidisciplinary Community Health Center.
This study adds new data to the limited literature on the nature and effectiveness of naturopathic medicine to treat anxiety and depression in the context of an integrative community health center. Expand
A Naturopathic Approach to the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
A naturopathic approach to CVD primary prevention significantly reduced CVD risk over usual care plus biometric screening and reduced costs to society and employers in this multi-worksite—based study. Expand
Naturopathic Medical Education: Where Conventional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine Meet
Background on the philosophy of naturopathic medicine and the six principles basic to its practice are presented and the range of therapeutic modalities included in naturopathy medicine and integrative clinical training are discussed. Expand
Homeopathy Use by US Adults: Results of a National Survey.
Homeopathy users were more likely to use multiple complementary and integrative medicine therapies and to perceive the therapy as helpful than were supplement users. Expand