The Belgammel Ram, a Hellenistic‐Roman Bronze Proembolion Found off the Coast of Libya: test analysis of function, date and metallurgy, with a digital reference archive

  title={The Belgammel Ram, a Hellenistic‐Roman Bronze Proembolion Found off the Coast of Libya: test analysis of function, date and metallurgy, with a digital reference archive},
  author={Jonathan Adams and Annita Antoniadou and Chistopher O. Hunt and Paul Bennett and Ian W. Croudace and Rex N. Taylor and Richard B. Pearce and Graeme Earl and Nicholas C. Flemming and John Moggeridge and Timothy G. Whiteside and Kenneth Oliver and Anthony James Parker},
  journal={International Journal of Nautical Archaeology},
  pages={60 - 75}
The Belgammel Ram was found off the coast of Libya in 1964, and examined during 2008–9. The following techniques were used: surface non‐contact digitizing using a laser scanner, reflectance transformation imaging using polynomial texture mapping and hemi‐spherical harmonics, digital photogrammetry with dense surface modelling, structured light optical scanning, and X‐ray fluorescence analysis. For internal structure the ram was examined by X‐radiography and 3‐D X‐ray tomography. Metallurgical… Expand
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