The Belarusian Road to Modernity

  title={The Belarusian Road to Modernity},
  author={Pavel Tereshkovich},
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Cet article retrace les differentes phases de l'histoire de la Bielorussie a travers l'evolution du systeme social et politique. Des annees 1700, infeodee au grand duche de Lituanie, a l'imperialisme russe et a la propagande sovietique, L'A. expose les periodes succesives de modernisation de la societe bielorusse, c'est a dire le passage d'une societe preindustrielle a une societe industrielle 
The modern university as an imagined community: European dreams and Belarusian realities
This article explores various aspects of modern Belarusian national identity through an analysis of two connected case studies, the development of the flagship national university, Belarusian StateExpand
Belarussian as an Endangered Language: Can the Mother Tongue of an Independent State be Made to Die?
The effort of a small national linguistic elite to sustain the use of standard Belarusian is examined against the concept of language as a core value of culture and Fishman’s framework for reversing language shift, in order to evaluate the prospects of maintaining Belarusian as an integral part of the linguistic heritage of Europe. Expand


Nation-states in Europe and other continents: diversifying, developing, not dying
L'Etat-nation depuis la seconde guerre mondiale : analyse de son evolution a nos jours. Cas des societes ou cet Etat-nation est vieillissant - societes capitalistes avancees - et ou il est recent -Expand
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