The Behavior of Oscillatoria Terebriformis in Hot Springs(1).

  title={The Behavior of Oscillatoria Terebriformis in Hot Springs(1).},
  author={Richard W. Castenholz},
  journal={Journal of phycology},
  volume={4 2},
Oscillatoria terebriformis, occurring from 54 to about 35 C in eastern Oregon hot springs, forms dense reddish-brown surface mats which are held together by the interwoven nature of the trichomes and not by a gel-like matrix, thus retaining the flexibility inherent in free trichome motility. The trichomes demonstrate gliding, flexional, and contractile movements. When the trichomes are interconnected, the mat contracts or retracts essentially as a unit in response to high light intensity (ca… CONTINUE READING

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