The Beginnings of Agriculture in West Africa: Botanical Evidence

  title={The Beginnings of Agriculture in West Africa: Botanical Evidence},
  author={Margaret Adebisi Sowunmi},
  journal={Current Anthropology},
  pages={127 - 129}
  • M. A. Sowunmi
  • Published 1 February 1985
  • Environmental Science
  • Current Anthropology
by M. A. SOWUNMI Department of Archaeology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. 5 vII 84 In 1972, at Burg Wartenstein in Austria, a symposium sponsored by the Wenner-Gren Foundation was held to consider the state of knowledge regarding the evidence for the origins of plant domestication in Africa. The proceedings of that symposium (Harlan, de Wet, and Stemler 1976a) represent a highly informative, scholarly, and authoritative work on the subject, but, as the editors were quick to admit, the… 

The significance of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in the late Holocene environments of west and west central Africa: A further consideration

Abundant archaeological evidence of the occurrence of the endocarp of the oil palm,Elaeis guineensis, in the rain forest and woodland savanna zones of west and central Africa from about 5000 B.P. has

The Archaeobotany of the Later Stone Age (LSA) in Nigeria: A Review

A review of the evidence for plant use during the Later Stone Age (LSA), a period which spanned c. 10,000-0 BC (12,000–2000 yr BP), in Nigeria is presented. Available data indicate that although

Environment and Subsistence of the Early Inhabitants of Coastal Southwestern Nigeria

From where did the early inhabitants of the Badagry coastal area of southwestern Nigeria originate? Has the area been occupied from “ancient times,” as claimed by oral traditions? What was the nature

Culture or climate? The relative influences of past processes on the composition of the lowland Congo rainforest

The extent to which the present-day composition of rainforest in this region is as a result of processes of the past (climate change and/or human activity), and the resilience of the rainforest to these perturbations is addressed.

Early agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa to c. 500 ce

The oldest layers occur atop sterile red clay, and it appears that 'Ain Ghazal began as a small village about 2 ha in area. The end of the MPPNB in the southern Levant was a tumultuous one, and there

Environmental and vegetation dynamics in the forest of Orile-Owu, southwest Nigeria, from the last ~ 1,4 k cal yr BP

ABSTRACT Vegetation history of southwestern Nigerian forest during the past ~1,416 cal yr BP (534 - 644 AD) is reconstructed based on palynological data from a core from Awerele, wetland in

Apa : A Later Stone Age occupation layer in the Southwestern Coast of Nigeria

Apa is located on the inner barrier beach in coastal southwestern Nigeria (Figure 1), some five kilometers from Badagry. It is found within the humid tropical climate and swamp/rain forest belt. The

Synthèse sur l’évolution des paléoenvironnements de l’Afrique occidentale atlantique depuis la fin de la dernière période glaciaire. Influences climatiques et anthropiques.

This paper gets together palynological informations issued from 34 sites from Atlantic West Africa for making, with the aid of an exhaustive bibliography, the synthesis of the palaeoecological



The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa

  • A. R.
  • Environmental Science
  • 1938
THE series of Colonial floras issued from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, are highly technical works of great value to the systematic botanist and to the trained worker in the countries in question.

Aspects of Late Quaternary Vegetational Changes in West Africa

Pollen analysis of a 36 m deep core from the Niger delta was carried out with a view to obtaining direct, botanical evidence of the Late Quaternary vegetation of West Africa, particularly Nigeria and

The Origins of Agriculture in West Africa

IN THE sub-tropical zone, it is easy to fix a line between pre-agricultural cultures and cultures which understood agriculture even if they did not widely practise it. The grains of cereal grasses

Holocene variations in the level of Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana

RECENT surveys of the changing climate of Africa during the Late Quaternary have shown that although a reasonably well established climatic sequence is now available for some parts of the continent,

The Origins and Domestication of Yams in Africa

Discussion sur l'origine des ignames en Afrique et leur culture. Botanique et taxonomie des ignames. La domestication des ignames en Asie et en Amerique. Sa domestication en Afrique: origines,

Traditional Systems of Plant Food Production and the Origins of Agriculture in West Africa

Dans une optique hypothetico-deductive, l'A. examine les relations spatio-temporelles entre les divers systemes de production pour proposer une hypothese sur les origines de l'agriculture en Afrique

Plant Domestication and Indigenous African Agriculture

For some decades now considerations of plant domestication and agricultural origins have been permeated by two fundamental concepts: the "revolutionary" nature of agriculture and "centers of

The tropical rain forest: a nonrenewable resource.

Either voices of these voices have not been heard or their arguments have not be convincing enough to promote action in this direction.

An Introduction to the Botany of Tropical Crops

An introduction to the botany of tropical crops and its applications in medicine and science.