The Beginning of Electric Energy Transmission: Part One [Historical]

  title={The Beginning of Electric Energy Transmission: Part One [Historical]},
  author={Massimo Guarnieri},
  journal={IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine},
  • M. Guarnieri
  • Published 19 March 2013
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
Today, the architecture of electrical networks is evolving. Distributed dc generation from photovoltaic systems and small wind turbines, the possibilities offered by dc energy storage, the spread of smart grids, and the potential of high- and middle-voltage dc ensured by high-voltage power electronics, enable us to conceive new scenarios with respect to the presently dominating ac high-voltage energy transmission and distribution. But when and how did the latter system emerge? 

The Alternating Evolution of DC Power Transmission [Historical]

  • M. Guarnieri
  • Engineering
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2013
After more than one century of evolution of alternating current (ac) and thanks to the competitive costs of alternators and transformers, today a great majority of electricity is produced,

The Beginning of Electric Energy Transmission: Part Two [Historical]

After the early experimental lines realized by Gaulard and Gibbs of 1881?1884, the consequent theoretical investigations by Ferraris, and the improvements developed at Ganz & Co. (Budapest, Hungary)

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Anticipated widespread usage of new power electronics technologies in electrical energy generation and consumption is expected to provide major efficiency improvements, while the deployment of smart

Power electronics in renewable energy smart grid: a review

Extensive manipulation of new power electronics technologies in renewable energy is predictable to grant efficiency improvements in smart grid evolution. This paper explores possible relationships

Electric Tramways of the 19th Century [Historical]

  • M. Guarnieri
  • Engineering
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2020
Today, electric railways have wide diffusion and promise to expand much more in the coming years due to climate change issues and decarbonization policies. Metropolitan areas are serviced by

Protection of Direct-Current Systems

The overwhelming advancement in power electronics converters throughout the past few decades is leading to an increasing interest in the integration of Direct-Current (DC) systems to the existing AC


The increased demand of electricity, need to optimize the utilization of power generation capacity and increase in the interconnections are the major issues with which power sector is dealing with.

Investigation of Load Frequency Control with Optics Inspired Optimization Algorithm in a Four Area Power System with HVDC Connection Line

The effect of High Voltage Direct Current transmission lines parallel to Alternative Current transmission line is investigated on power system frequency control in the High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) transmission line and connected to each other in a power system formed by sub-areas.