The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women

  title={The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women},
  author={Naomi Wolf},
In the struggle for women's equality, there is one subject still shrouded in silence - women's compulsive pursuit of beauty. The myth of female beauty challenges every woman, every day of her life. Naomi Wolf exposes the tyranny of the beauty myth through the ages and its oppressive function today, in the home and at work, in literature and the media, in relationships between men and women, between women and women. With pertinent and intelligent examples, she confronts the beauty industry and… 

Behind the Bars of “Beauty”

Using Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women, as my starting point for analysis, I set out to find the truth about the “beauty myth,” and what affect it has on

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Studies on beauty culture tend to focus on women. Some highlight women's meaningful engagements with beauty culture as they negotiate various beauty norms in their lives, while others detail the ways

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The relationship between beauty practices, femininity and feminism is well documented in the scholarly literature. In many societies, ‘doing’ beauty is a vital component of ‘doing’ femininity: being

Beauty Is in the Eye of the West: An Analysis of An Na’s The Fold

cially constructed notion that physical attractiveness is one of women’s most important assets and something all women should strive to achieve and maintain” (p. 711). Political activist Naomi Wolf



The Beauty Myth

In the fight for women's equality, one issue is still undiscussed, according to this book. The issue is women's compulsive pursuit of personal beauty. The book aims to confront this last taboo and

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In this excellent and strikingly original book, anne hollander explores the rich and complex heritage of western pictorial art as it has represented the human image - clothed, partially

The Feminine Mystique.

  • T. Murray
  • Art
    Canadian Medical Association journal
  • 1964

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