The Beastie Boys: Jews in whiteface

  title={The Beastie Boys: Jews in whiteface},
  author={Jon Stratton},
  journal={Popular Music},
  pages={413 - 432}
  • J. Stratton
  • Published 1 October 2008
  • History
  • Popular Music
Abstract The Beastie Boys are usually described as the white hip hop group who helped break rap to a broad-based white audience. Rarely is it acknowledged that the Beasties all came from Jewish backgrounds. This article examines the implications of the Beastie Boys’ Jewishness. The Beasties can be placed in a long history of Jewish entertainers reworking black music for white American audiences. By the 1980s, Jews in the United States had been assimilated into whiteness, yet it is clear that… 
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