The Bear Went Through the Mountain: Russia Appraises its Five-Day War in South Ossetia

  title={The Bear Went Through the Mountain: Russia Appraises its Five-Day War in South Ossetia},
  author={Timothy L. Thomas},
  journal={The Journal of Slavic Military Studies},
  pages={31 - 67}
  • T. Thomas
  • Published 26 February 2009
  • Economics
  • The Journal of Slavic Military Studies
The August 2008 Russian-Georgia conflict was the first Russian full-scale use of force against a former member of the Soviet Union. This paper looks at the August conflict solely from the vantage point of the Russian press, in particular the views of military officers or military journalists. The findings offer insights into the information war conducted in the Russian press, the continued suspicion of Russia about US actions in the area, and the strengths and weaknesses of Russia's armed… 

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