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The Bayesian choice : from decision-theoretic foundations to computational implementation

  title={The Bayesian choice : from decision-theoretic foundations to computational implementation},
  author={Christian P. Robert},
  • C. Robert
  • Published 1 August 2007
  • Computer Science
Winner of the 2004 DeGroot Prize This paperback edition, a reprint of the 2001 edition, is a graduate-level textbook that introduces Bayesian statistics and decision theory. It covers both the basic ideas of statistical theory, and also some of the more modern and advanced topics of Bayesian statistics such as complete class theorems, the Stein effect, Bayesian model choice, hierarchical and empirical Bayes modeling, Monte Carlo integration including Gibbs sampling, and other MCMC techniques… 

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  • 1977

xn, and a function f on X , the isotonic regression of f with weights ωi is the solution of the minimization

  • 1988