The Baye Faal of Senegambia: Muslim Rastas in the promised land?

  title={The Baye Faal of Senegambia: Muslim Rastas in the promised land?},
  author={Neil J. Savishinsky},
  pages={211 - 219}
Spurred on in large part by the emergence of Jamaican and Anglo-Jamaican reggae music on to the global pop music scene in the mid-1970s, the Jamaican Rastafarian movement has within the past two decades managed to expand beyond its island home and attract a diverse and multi-ethnic international following. Apart from the various manifestations of ‘orthodox’ Jamaican Rastafarianism found in Africa today, one finds a number of religious and social formations which share similar features with and… 

Rastafari in the Promised Land: The Spread of a Jamaican Socioreligious Movement Among the Youth of West Africa

Parallel with and spurred on in part by the emergence of Jamaican reggae onto the international pop music scene in the mid-1970s, the Jamaican Rastafarian movement, whose origins are to be found on

“We Stand for Black Livity!”: Trodding the Path of Rastafari in Ghana

Rastafari is a Pan-African socio-spiritual movement and way of life that was created by indigent Black people in the grip of British colonialism in 1930s Jamaica. Although Rastafari is often studied

Dialectics of Religion and Politics in Senegal

When I visited Senegal for the first time in the summer of 1981, I came to see a country that was very much under the bane of Leopold Sedar Senghor1 and the influence of two major Sufi orders, the

Islam y género en la diáspora murid: mirada poscolonial a feminismos y migraciones

The basic intention of this article is, through a pluralization of gaze on "the Muslim", to reflect on contemporary transformations operated de facto in our societies, motivated especially by

Transnational Baye-fallism: Transformation of a Sufi Heterodoxy through Diasporic Circulation

This article examines the transformation of the Baye-fall movement (Baye-fallism, henceforth), a particular form of Senegalese Muridism, as it extends into the Senegalese diaspora. In particular, the

Religious Motivations for Local Economic Development in Senegal

Environmental and economic crises, including land degradation from drought and increased global food prices, have become localized challenges for communities across the Sahel. Towns throughout

Diáspora bayfal en España: disputando la migración senegalesa murid

The main aim of this paper is to study the Bay Fall movement (hereafter Bayfallism) within Mouridism from a transnational perspective and as a specifically migratory affiliation in contemporaneity.

Dancing to the beat of the diaspora: musical exchanges between Africa and its diasporas

Abstract This essay examines the complex ebbs and flows of musical exchanges between Africa and its diasporas. Specifically, it focuses on musical engagements between, on the one hand, the Caribbean

Secular and Islamic Schooling in Senegal: Reconfiguring Knowledge and Opportunity in Uncertain Times

Secular and Islamic Schooling in Senegal: Reconfiguring Knowledge and Opportunity in Uncertain Times By Ana E. Schaller de la Cova This dissertation examines how Islamic and secular schooling figure

Modernity, Remixed: Music as Memory in Rap Galsen

Drawing on 14 months of ethnographic research in Dakar, Senegal as well as an 18-month focused case study with Senegalese rappers in Los Angeles, this dissertation explores Senegalese hip hop



The Mourides of Senegal: the Political and Economic Organization of an Islamic Brotherhood . By Donal B. Cruise O'Brien. London: Oxford University Press, 1970. (Oxford Studies in African Affairs.) Pp. xiv + 321, bibl., maps. £3·50.

have reprinted the Crowther journal of Macgregor Laird's 1857-9 expedition to the Niger, and Cass have followed this up with a reprint of his journals for the 1841 expedition under Trotter and for

A History of Islam in West Africa

Among the great facts in the history of West Africa prior to the age of European penetration has been the propagation of Islam and the way it has changed African societies. This book is not an

Key to N'Dour: roots of the Senegalese star

Overland travel in Senegal and Gambia is the best introduction to local music. Blaring out from every market stall, taxi radio-cassette and record shop in every town along the trans-Gambian highway,

Muslim Brotherhoods and Politics in Senegal in 1985

  • L. Creevey
  • Economics
    The Journal of Modern African Studies
  • 1985
This author made her first study of the Muslim brotherhoods in 1966, and then ten years later reassessed their political position.1 Now, after almost a similar length of time since 1976, this brief

Senegal: An African Nation Between Islam And The West

The historical background government and politics the economy Senegal and the world culture and society toward the year 2000 whither Senegal?