The Battle of Jutland’s Heritage Under Threat: Commercial salvage on the shipwrecks as observed 2000 to 2016

  title={The Battle of Jutland’s Heritage Under Threat: Commercial salvage on the shipwrecks as observed 2000 to 2016},
  author={Innes Mccartney},
  journal={The Mariner's Mirror},
  pages={196 - 204}
This paper presents the most recent findings up to August 2016 of the extent to which the shipwrecks from the battle of Jutland have been exposed to salvage for metals. Commercial salvage of the wrecks is not new and archival research has traced salvage activity as far back as 1960. However over the last 15 years the rate at which metals have been extracted from them has increased significantly, so that now at least 65 per cent of the wrecks in the battlefield bear the scars of commercial… 

Death by a Thousand Cuts: an archaeological assessment of souveniring and salvage on the Australian cruiser HMAS Perth (I)

Abstract In 2014, the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) received reports from recreational divers that the shipwreck site of HMAS Perth (I) was being systematically salvaged by commercial

Weaknesses in the Law Protecting the United Kingdom’s Remarkable Underwater Cultural Heritage: The Need for Modernisation and Reform

Despite the United Kingdom (UK) having been regarded as one of the richest hotspots for underwater cultural heritage (UCH), its policy and practice regarding its protection has displayed some areas


  • Hayley Roberts
  • Sociology
    International and Comparative Law Quarterly
  • 2018
Abstract The UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001 came into force in 2009, providing a much-needed international legal framework for the protection of

Scuttled in the Morning: the discoveries and surveys of HMS Warrior and HMS Sparrowhawk, the Battle of Jutland’s last missing shipwrecks

Abstract Due to the circumstances of the loss of HMS Warrior and HMS Sparrowhawk in 1916, in which subsequent to disablement both had drifted and been towed unknown distances from the Jutland

“Ghost Battleships” of the Pacific: Metal Pirates, WWII Heritage, and Environmental Protection

  • K. Browne
  • History
    Journal of Maritime Archaeology
  • 2018
The recovery of historic, sunken military vessels raises several legal issues, including those of ownership, state immunity, environmental protection and the in situ preservation of underwater

Conceptualizing coastal and maritime cultural heritage through communities of meaning and participation Ocean and Coastal Management

Coastal zones are historically rich with unique land/seascapes, tangible artifacts, and intangible cultural heri- tage. Coastal and maritime cultural heritage (CMCH) contends with various



Reproduction of the Record of the Battle of Jutland (London, 1927) Hydrographics Department of the Admiralty, Record of Wreck No. 32344 SMS ‘Lützow

  • 1927