The Battle for Equivalency

  title={The Battle for Equivalency},
  author={Connie Brownson},
  journal={Armed Forces \& Society},
  pages={765 - 788}
After decades of debate, a void still exists in the literature and socio-political dialog related to the unrestricted and unbiased inclusion of women in the military. The issue remains so highly charged that a fresh theoretical framework is necessary to accurately align the physical and social constraints in which military women serve. Offered here are findings of an exploratory study framed within a synthesis of evolutionary psychological and sociological theory. Distinction between the word… 
Rejecting Patriarchy for Equivalence in the US Military
This article is a response to Anthony King’s “Women Warriors: Female Accession to Ground Combat.” King rightly asserts that the accession of women to combat roles is a notable historical departure in
Conceptualizing the Tensions Evoked by Gender Integration in the Military
The South African military has adopted an assertive affirmative action campaign to ensure that women are represented across all ranks and branches. This has brought about new tensions in terms of
Military Women: Changes in Representation and Experiences
  • B. L. Moore
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Handbook of Military Sciences
  • 2020
Research on women in the military is becoming an increasingly important area of inquiry in the social sciences. Women are essential to the operation of contemporary armed services, and this has led
Regendering the South African army: Inclusion, reversal and displacement
This article examines the extent to which the participation of women in the military furthers or hinders the displacement of gendered dichotomies and whether this brings about more transformative
Fighting Stereotypes
This study examines reader responses to opinion editorials about women in combat and contributes to the literature on women in the military by explaining how contests over sex–gender essentialism and
Women Warriors
In a recent article on female marines in the US Marine Corps, Connie Brownson has proposed the concept of equivalency rather than equality as a way of understanding their integration into the
Gender and the Military Profession
As increasing numbers of women are recruited into the U.S. Navy, retention of women (especially in combat occupational specialties) lags behind men. Data indicate that women and men leave the Navy
Combating Sexual Assault With the Military Ethic
This article explores sexual assault within the military by focusing on the role of norms and institutional culture. This article asserts that poor impulse control is, in part, at the root of sexual
The female combat soldier
As a result of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, women have increasingly served on the front line, performing combat roles once reserved exclusively for men. This article explores the ways in which
Transitions and Transformation in Gender Relations in the South African Military: From Support in Warfare to Valued Peacekeepers
This chapter focuses on the role of women in the South African military. A brief historic background is provided, in order to sketch how women came to serve in the military on a permanent basis and


Power and Gender: Issues in Sexual Dominance and Harassment
Most Americans were shocked when Anita Hill charged U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas with sexual harassment. Not surprisingly, the nation was divided on the Senate hearings on the
“How Can She Claim Equal Rights When She Doesn't Have to Do as Many Push-Ups as I Do?”
The public arguments for and against women in the military and in combat are numerous, well-worn, and readily accessible in congressional testimony, books, and articles. But the laundry list of
The Power of Gendered Stereotypes in the US Marine Corps
Gendered stereotypes in the US military context often result in the creation of barriers for women. Constant confrontation with these barriers may negatively impact a servicewoman’s career. The
The Continuing Relevance of Coser’s Theory of Conflict
Lewis Coser's The Functions of Social Conflict was one of the bestselling sociological works of the Twentieth century. Published in 1956, this book critiqued the dominant sociological paradigm of the
A Decade of System Justification Theory: Accumulated Evidence of Conscious and Unconscious Bolstering of the Status Quo
Most theories in social and political psychology stress self-interest, intergroup conflict, ethnocentrism, homophily, ingroup bias, outgroup antipathy, dominance, and resistance. System justification
Becoming a (Virile) Member: Women and the Military Body
This article seeks to examine the process by which women are incorporated into the military body and considers the extent to which this is achieved both by demonstrating mastery and by the
The Military and the Transition to Adulthood
The authors note that today's all-volunteer military is both career-oriented and family-oriented, and show how the material and social support the military provides to young servicemen and women promotes responsible membership in family relationships and the wider community.
Durkheim's Individual in Society: A Sacred Marriage?
The characteristic sacredness with which the human being is now invested ... is not inherent. Analyze man as he appears to empirical analysis and nothing will be found that suggests this sanctity;
The Kinder, Gentler Military: How Political Correctness Affects Our Ability to Win Wars
"The Kinder, Gentler Military" is a devastating critique of how and why the military - the most tradition-bound, masculine institution in the United States - spent the 1990s in a tortured attempt to
Doing Gender
R e-reading Doing Gender has confirmed its status for me both as a landmark publication and as a missed opportunity. Its achievement was to build on, develop, and promote Garfinkel's (1967) focus on