The Battering Ram and Irish Evictions, 1887–90

  title={The Battering Ram and Irish Evictions, 1887–90},
  author={Lewis Perry Curtis},
  pages={207 - 228}
  • L. P. Curtis
  • Published 10 December 2007
  • History, Economics
  • Éire-Ireland
T    marked the advent of the first countrywide protest by a formidable coalition of tenant farmers and laborers, their urban allies, and Home Rule MPs against Irish landlordism.1 Stirred into action by bad weather, crop failures, and agricultural depression, tens of thousands of Irishmen joined the Irish National Land League led by Michael Davitt, whose own family had been evicted and their house razed at Straide in County Mayo when he was only four.The League’s leaders sought… 
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