The Bath-Tub Vortex in the Southern Hemisphere

  title={The Bath-Tub Vortex in the Southern Hemisphere},
  author={Lloyd M. Trefethen and R. W. Bilger and P. T. Fink and R. E. Luxton and Roger I. Tanner},
IT has long been thought that water draining from a tank would rotate counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, provided other influences were kept small compared with the influence of the rotation of the Earth. This idea has only recently been tested, by Shapiro in Watertown, Massachusetts, as part of a film on vorticity2–4, and later by Binnie in Cambridge, England1. Shapiro and Binnie both acquired confidence, after surmounting difficulties in… 

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Bath-Tub Vortex

PERENNIALLY one hears controversy regarding the direction of the vortex in the drain of the bath-tub or the kitchen sink. Some claim that the direction of swirl is always the same in the northern