The Band 3 receiver (84-116 GHz) for ALMA

  title={The Band 3 receiver (84-116 GHz) for ALMA},
  author={Stephane Claude and Philip Dindo and Donna Erickson and Frank Jiang and K. Yeung and D. Derdall and Donald Duncan and Dominic Garcia and Doug Henke and Brian Leckie and Arthur Lichtenberger and Pat Niranjanan and S.-K. Pan and Maike Pfleger and Gl{\'o}ria Rodrigues and Kei Szeto and P. Welle and K. Caputa},
  journal={2005 Joint 30th International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves and 13th International Conference on Terahertz Electronics},
  pages={407-408 vol. 2}
Test results are presented of the Band 3 module integrated into the Atacama large millimeter array (ALMA) front end receiver. The 84 to 116 GHz collected signal by the Band 3 receiver is split into two orthogonal polarisations using an orthomode transducer and then down-converted to 6 GHz over 4 GHz bandwidth using sideband separating mixers with better than 10 dB of image rejection. The single sideband system's low noise of 35 to 45 K is achieved by cascading superconductor-insulator… CONTINUE READING