The Baltic States’ Relations with Russia

  title={The Baltic States’ Relations with Russia},
  author={Carrington Matthews},
The Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) have had cold relations with Russia since they were under the control of tsarist Russia. After about only 20 years of independence, the Baltic states were involuntary absorbed into the Soviet Union. This paper examines the history behind the relationship between the Baltic states and the Soviet Union throughout the twentieth century and how the relationship grew colder in the post-Soviet era by examining a combination of scholarly journal… 
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This study aims to see the response of the Baltic countries in dealing with the Russia-Ukraine conflict through their foreign policies, where these countries are part of the European Union. The



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dismantle it? But the reverse is also true: a practice of issuing provisional measures delaying construc­ tion may well lead to the collapse of worthwhile development projects. Third, proving that a

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