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The BNSR-invariants of the Stein group $F_{2,3}$

  title={The BNSR-invariants of the Stein group \$F\_\{2,3\}\$},
  author={R. Spahn and Matthew C. B. Zaremsky},
  journal={arXiv: Group Theory},
The Stein group $F_{2,3}$ is the group of orientation-preserving homeomorphisms of the unit interval with slopes of the form $2^p3^q$ ($p,q\in\mathbb{Z}$) and breakpoints in $\mathbb{Z}[\frac{1}{6}]$. This is a natural relative of Thompson's group $F$. In this paper we compute the Bieri-Neumann-Strebel-Renz (BNSR) invariants $\Sigma^m(F_{2,3})$ of the Stein group for all $m\in\mathbb{N}$. A consequence of our computation is that (as with $F$) every finitely presented normal subgroup of $F_{2,3… Expand