The Aztecs Under Spanish Rule

  title={The Aztecs Under Spanish Rule},
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The encomienda and the optimizing imperialist: an interpretation of Spanish imperialism in the Americas
During the conquest and early administration of Spain’s American colonies the most controversial policy was the granting of temporary encomiendas, or temporary rights to collect tribute from Indians,
A Judeo-Christian Tlaloc or a Nahua Yahweh? Domination, Hybridity and Continuity in the Nahua Evangelization Theater
One of the most dramatic episodes in the Franciscan venture of spiritual colonization in the Mexican highlands was its evangelization theater. The great scholar and translator of this theater,
Taking the Courts to the Fields: Law, Violence, and Agrarian Custom in Colonial Oaxaca, Mexico
This article analyzes how Spanish law intersected with longue-durée Indigenous histories to produce performative judicial violence in disputes over boundary lands separating Indigenous communities.
Economic Anthropology
Looking back over the fifty years of fieldwork anthropology that began with Malinowski, one sees that the subject of economic anthropology today has three distinctive features. 1. It considers many
New light on the road to Damascus? Some further thoughts on acculturation as seen in the auto La Conversión de San Pablo
Abstract:This article focuses on aspects of the early interaction between the Franciscan friars and the indigenous people of Mexico. The most appropriate name for the natives of the Valley of Mexico
Improvisation and polyphony in colonial Mexico
When Spain colonized Mesoamerica, it imported a European musical tradition that grew rapidly in the New World. Previous scholarship has traced the dissemination of composed European polyphony in New
Divinity and decay: the narrative of miraculous renovation and the repair of sacred images in colonial Mexico
Miraculous images in the early modern period were continually restored and touched up to ensure their continued decency, relevancy, and efficacy as divine conduits. This article focuses on the
Abstract Ethnohistoric documents characterize the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in central Mexico as an era of endemic warfare and mass migration, processes that archaeologists have causally
The Aztec Economic World: Merchants and Markets in Ancient Mesoamerica
This study explores the organization, scale, complexity, and integration of Aztec commerce across Mesoamerica at Spanish contact. The aims of the book are threefold. The first is to construct an