The Axiom of Determinacy, Forcing Axioms, and the Nonstationary Ideal

  title={The Axiom of Determinacy, Forcing Axioms, and the Nonstationary Ideal},
  author={W. Hugh Woodin},
  • W. Woodin
  • Published 6 August 1999
  • Computer Science
This is the revised edition of a well-established monograph on the identification of a canonical model in which the Continuum Hypothesis is false. Written by an expert in the field, it is directed to researchers and advanced graduate students in Mathematical Logic and Set Theory. The second edition is updated to take into account some of the developments in the decade since the first edition appeared, this includes a revised discussion of ?-logic and related matters. 
Forcing Axioms and Ω-logic
It is well known that the Continuum Hypothesis is independent from the axioms of set theory by the results of Kurt Godel and Paul Cohen. However, there are some set theorists who do not consider that
Consistency, Truth and Existence
In the first section we mention the main philosophical approaches in the standard classification: platonism, intuitionism, logicism and formalism. In the second section, we discuss consistency
The Proper Forcing Axiom
The Proper Forcing Axiom is a powerful extension of the Baire Category Theo- rem which has proved highly effective in settling mathematical statements which are independent of ZFC. In contrast to the
Set Axiomatization and Numerability
This work is partially motivated by the recent articles related to the continuum hypothesis and the forcing axioms. Ever since Gödel’s and Cohen’s proofs that the ZFC cannot be used to disprove or
Logic Colloquium 2006: Forcing axioms and cardinal arithmetic
We survey some recent results on the impact of strong forcing axioms such as the Proper Forcing Axiom PFA and Martin’s Maximum MM on cardinal arithmetic. We concentrate on three combinatorial
Forcing indestructibility of set-theoretic axioms
It is shown in particular that certain applications of forcing axioms require to add generic countable sequences high up in the set-theoretic hierarchy even before collapsing everything down to ℵ1.
The scope of Feferman’s semi-intuitionistic set theories and his second conjecture
  • M. Rathjen
  • Mathematics
    Indagationes Mathematicae
  • 2019
Abstract The paper is concerned with the scope of semi-intuitionistic set theories that relate to various foundational stances. It also provides a proof for a second conjecture of Feferman’s that
Forcing axioms and projective sets of reals
The new result shown in this paper says that ZFC + the bounded proper forcing axiom (BPFA) + “every projective set of reals is Lebesgue measurable” is equiconsistent with ZFC.
Forcing over Models of Determinacy
A theorem of Woodin states that the existence of a proper class of Woodin cardinals implies that the theory of the inner model L(ℝ) cannot be changed by set forcing. The Axiom of Determinacy is part
Proper Forcing, Cardinal Arithmetic, and Uncountable Linear Orders
  • J. Moore
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
  • 2005
The Bounded Proper Forcing Axiom implies that there is a well ordering of ℝ which is Σ1-definable in (H(ω2), ϵ), and implies the Singular Cardinals Hypothesis at k unless stationary subsets of reflect.


Optimal approximations by piecewise smooth functions and associated variational problems
Abstract : This reprint will introduce and study the most basic properties of three new variational problems which are suggested by applications to computer vision. In computer vision, a fundamental
Raghunathan’s topological conjecture and distributions of unipotent flows
Sulle funzioni a variazione limitata
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