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The Avocado and Human Nutrition. I. Some Human Health Aspects of the Avocado

  title={The Avocado and Human Nutrition. I. Some Human Health Aspects of the Avocado},
  author={B. Bergh},
Avocado usage is reduced because of negative misconceptions. The avocado has various uses as a natural cosmetic, with advantages in rapid skin penetration, and as a superior natural sunscreen. Avocado oil has several culinary and health benefits. The greater use of whole fruit has important advantages: usefulness in human weight control, high nutritional density, source of major antioxidants, stroke prevention, fruit protein source, fiber source; as baby food, and other dietary benefits… Expand

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Uji Efek Ekstrak Biji Alpukat (Persea Americana Mill.) Terhadap Kadar Kolesterol Total Pada Tikus Wistar (Rattus Norvegicus)
Avocado seed extract had an effect in reducing total blood cholesterol of Wistar rats, and the average level of total cholesterol level showed decreased by 18.1% and 31.2%, respectively. Expand
Consumer interest towards tropical fruit: factors affecting avocado fruit consumption in Italy
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The physiological effects of ultra-low temperature shipping and cold chain break on 'Hass' avocados
28 ABSTRACT Avocados are renowned as a ‘healthy food’ due to their nutritional value (Bergh, 1992), as well as containing relatively high concentrations of anti-oxidants, however the fruit alsoExpand
Use of Aqueous Extracts of Avocado Pear, Pyrus Communis, Leaf as Anaesthetic in Gonadectomy of African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus
The effective concentration of avocado pear leaf extracts that best sustained the gonadectomy was 190 ml/l with a recovery time of 12 minutes, and the recovery rate was concentration-dependent but non-linear, with a significant threshold in efficacy between 130 and 190ml/l. Expand
An analysis of socioeconomic factors affecting avocado production in saline and flooded areas around Lake Victoria Basin of Western Kenya
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Noninvasive imaging of pancreatic β cells
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Bruising in avocado (Persea americana M.) cv. ‘Hass’ supply chains: from the ripener to the consumer
This paper is concerned with the development of a treatment of contingent analysis and its application to the field of post-modernism. Expand


Influence of Avocados on Serum Cholesterol
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In no individual did cholesterol values rise during avocado feeding, and of 8 patients whose cholesterol values were unchanged, 3 were diabetic and one was hypercholesterolemic. Expand
Toward the primary prevention of cancer.
This is the threshold of an era when many of the most prevalent human cancers can, to a significant extent, be prevented through life-style changes or medical interventions, and large-scale medical intervention trials are imminent. Expand
A case-control study of dietary and nondietary risk factors for breast cancer in Shanghai.
Cases have a significantly greater daily caloric intake than controls, primarily because of increased consumption of monounsaturated fat, for which the relative risk is 1.89 for the highest compared to the lowest quintile (P = 0.02). Expand
The New Complete Book of Food: A Nutritional Medical, and Culinary Guide
The Romans sterilized wounds with wine, the Egyptians poured honey into their injuries, and Grandmothers have long cured the common cold with chicken soup. Expand
Diet life-style and mortality in China: a study of the characteristics of 65 Chinese counties.
This report presents data from a number of recent surveys undertaken in China including the 1983 ecological survey the 1973-1975 mortality survey and the 1984 nitrosamine survey. "The chief purposeExpand
Tropical crops: dicotyledons
Tropical crops dicotyledons, Tropical crops dICotylingons, and more: طلاعات و اطlاع رسانی کشاورزی. Expand
eat more fresh plant food
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Avocado oil : from food use to skin care
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California Diet and Exercise Program
Utilization potential for semi - tropical and tropical fruits and vegetables in therapeutic and family diets
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