The Avalon-Los Angeles Radio Toll Circuit

  title={The Avalon-Los Angeles Radio Toll Circuit},
  author={Lewis M. Clement and F. M. Ryan and D.L.K. Martin},
  journal={Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers},
The communication facilities of Santa Catalina Island are described with special reference to the radio telephone service to the Californian mainland and the mode of connection to the wire telephone networks at the ends of the radio telephone channel. The radio telephone link is full duplex, and is connected thru special two-way repeaters to the telephone system at each end. A simultaneous duplex radio telegraph channel is available. A number of special points are discussed, such as the… 
Key West-Havana submarine telephone cable system
The system discussed in this paper includes three single-core continuously loaded submarine cables, each of which provides, in addition to a telephone channel, direct-current and carrier-current
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Upon this, the Silver Anniversary of the Institute of Radio Engineers, it is appropriate to recall how there came into being the art of radiotelephony and, in turn, such services as overseas
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Principles of Generalized Dissymmetrical Networks. We shall consider first the impedance and propagation characteristics of certain generalized networks, It can be shown that any passive network
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This fourth part of the article series "A Technical Foundation for RF CMOS Power Amplifiers" [1] presents five misunderstandings regarding wireless signals and amplifier design that persist in the
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Modulation in Radio Telephony
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    Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers
  • 1921
After considering the general characteristics of a voice-modulated radio frequency current, there is given a systematic classification of the various methods of producing such modulation in
United States Radio Development
  • R. H. Marriott
  • Business
    Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers
  • 1917
The history of radio development in the United States is considered in great detail. Transmitters, detectors, antennas, a number of detailed parts of radio apparatus, and various branches of radio