The Availability of Logical Operation Induced by Dichotomous Noise for a Nonlinear Bistable System

  title={The Availability of Logical Operation Induced by Dichotomous Noise for a Nonlinear Bistable System},
  author={Yong Xu and Xiaoqin Jin and Huiqing Zhang and Tingting Yang},
  journal={Journal of Statistical Physics},
Instead of a continuous system driven by Gaussian white noise, logical stochastic resonance will be investigated in a nonlinear bistable system with two thresholds driven by dichotomous noise, which shows a phenomenon different from Gaussian white noise. We can realize two parallel logical operations by simply adjusting the values of these two thresholds. Besides, to quantify the reliability of obtaining the correct logic output, we numerically calculate the success probability, and effects of… 

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We investigate logical stochastic resonance (LSR) in a nonlinear fractional-order system with an asymmetric bistable potential function. We use the success probability of the logical output to

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The conventional LSR paradigm is extended to implement higher-level logic architecture or typical digital electronic structures via carefully crafted coupling schemes and to realize morphable logic gates through the Logical Coherence Resonance in excitable systems under the influence of noise.

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In order to obtain more logic operations, thus providing additional information processing capacity, the recent idea of logical stochastic resonance is verified in synthetic gene networks induced by non-Gaussian noise and a two-dimensional toggle switch model two complementary logic gates are obtained.

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This work explicitly demonstrates that the system hops consistently in response to an external input stream, operating effectively as a reliable logic gate, and leads to a generalization of the concept of Logical Stochastic Resonance to attractors more complex than fixed point states, such as periodic or chaotic attractors.

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Noise-free logical stochastic resonance.

This work examines the intriguing possibility of obtaining dynamical behavior equivalent to LSR in a noise-free bistable system, subjected only to periodic forcing, and finds that such a system, despite having no stochastic influence, also yields phenomena analogous to L SR in an appropriate window of frequency and amplitude of the periodic forcing.

Reliable logic circuit elements that exploit nonlinearity in the presence of a noise floor.

It is shown that when one presents two square waves as input to a two-state system, the response of the system can produce a logical output with a probability controlled by the noise intensity, which is a "logical stochastic resonance".

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Abstract. In the presence of 1/fβ noise, we investigate the logical stochastic resonance (LSR) in an asymmetric bistable model driven by various cycling combinations of two logic inputs. The

Enhancement of "logical" responses by noise in a bistable optical system.

  • K. SinghS. Sinha
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2011
It is shown that when one presents two weak binary inputs to the laser system, the response mirrors a logical OR(NOR) output, and it is demonstrated that changing the bias morphs the output into another logic operation, AND(NAND), whose probability displays analogous behavior.

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Stochastic resonance phenomenon in an underdamped bistable system driven by weak asymmetric dichotomous noise

Stochastic resonance in an underdamped bistable system subjected to a weak asymmetric dichotomous noise is investigated numerically. Dichotomous noise is a non-Gaussian color noise and more complex

A review of stochastic resonance: circuits and measurement

A new type of S characteristic circuit is demonstrated using simple nonlinear elements with an operational amplifier and the effects on stochastic resonance were determined as the slope of the S shaped characteristic curve was varied.


These results reinforce the impression that dichotomous noise can be put on par with Gaussian white noise as far as obtaining analytical results is concerned and convincingly illustrate the interplay between noise and nonlinearity in generating nontrivial behaviors of nonequilibrium systems.

Realization of reliable and flexible logic gates using noisy nonlinear circuits

It was shown recently [Murali et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 104101 (2009)] that when one presents two square waves as input to a two-state system, the response of the system can produce a logical