The Authoritarian Personality

  title={The Authoritarian Personality},
  author={Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno},
The Authoritarian Personality "invented a set of criteria by which to define personality traits, ranked these traits and their intensity in any given person on what it called the 'F scale' (F for fascist)." The personality type Adorno et al. identified can be defined by nine traits that were believed to cluster together as the result of childhood experiences. These traits include conventionalism, authoritarian submission, authoritarian aggression, anti-intellectualism, anti-intraception… Expand
Correlates of Authoritarian Personality
Although authoritarians are generally regarded as conservative, racist, militaristic, etc., a thorough review of the literature would indicate that this is not always the case. Some researchersExpand
Personality and emotional correlates of right-wing authoritarianism
Authoritarianism, or the tendency to be hierarchical, conventional, and intolerant, has been implicated as an extreme feature of general right-wing ideology. The relationship between this ideologicalExpand
The Other “Authoritarian Personality”
Publisher Summary It is noted with regard to the submissive personality, it is visualized that this personality structure, observable in early adulthood and better explained by social learning thanExpand
On Freud's Authoritarianism.
  • R. Holt
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Psychoanalytic review
  • 2015
Freud repeatedly described himself as a person with tyrannical impulses, and his dominant leadership style is well attested. Was he, then, an authoritarian personality? When the separate traits inExpand
Authoritarianism and prejudice: What have we achieved? — A note
Abstract The underlying hypotheses of “The Authoritarian Personality” (Adorno, et al., 1950) states that the holding of prejudicial attitudes is dependent upon the personality dynamics of theExpand
Authoritarianism, Dominance, and Social Behavior: A Perspective from Evolutionary Personality Psychology
The concept of authoritarianism has been widely misunderstood because of both confusion about values and science and disagreement about a definition of the concept within different areas ofExpand
Comment on “The authoritarian as measured by a personality scale: Solid citizen or misfit?”
A recent article (Ray, 1979) questioned whether forced-choice formats can attenuate social desirability response styles and attacked the California F scale with its accompanying construct ofExpand
Gender, sexuality, and the authoritarian personality.
It is shown that women and men high in authoritarianism live in rigidly gendered worlds where male and female roles are narrowly defined, attractiveness is based on traditional conceptions of masculinity and femininity, and conventional sexual mores are prescribed. Expand
Authoritarianism and the EPQ
Investigated the personality correlates of authoritarian attitudes (Ray, 1979) and anti-submissive behaviour (Rigby, 1986), among an Australian college sample (N = 198). Authoritarianism (in theExpand
Prejudice, punitiveness, and personality.
There was some evidence of favoritism by high authoritarians in judging females, but there was no evidence that the race of the offender influenced sentencing, and males were more punitive than females. Expand


Foreword to Studies in Prejudice in "The Authoritarian Personality
  • 1950