The Authenticity of Anna Seward's Published Correspondence

  title={The Authenticity of Anna Seward's Published Correspondence},
  author={James Lowry Clifford},
  journal={Modern Philology},
  pages={113 - 122}
  • J. Clifford
  • Published 1 November 1941
  • History
  • Modern Philology
N THE year 1811, two years after the death of Anna Seward, the "Swan of Lichfield," the publisher Constable in Edinburgh brought out a six-volume edition of her letters. Since that time these rather pretentious epistles have been used, along with the comments of Boswell and Horace Walpole, as genuine contemporary evidence concerning the social and literary life of the late eighteenth century. They have been quoted extensively by competent scholars and critics. Now it seems certain that they do… 

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