The Australian tax revolt: constructing a ‘new class’ in 1978

  title={The Australian tax revolt: constructing a ‘new class’ in 1978},
  author={Verity Archer},
  journal={Journal of Australian Studies},
  pages={19 - 33}
  • V. Archer
  • Published 2010
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Australian Studies
Abstract In 1978 Rupert Murdoch's national daily broadsheet the Australian ran an intensive campaign to prevent the federal government from introducing a Value Added Tax. The campaign drew inspiration from the successful Californian tax revolt of the same year, using many of the same ‘expert voices’ and discursive frames employed by the American campaigners. Central to the campaign was the concept of a ‘new class’ of left-wing elites who represented ‘special interests’ and drained the financial… Expand
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