The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder : System Architecture and Specifications of the Boolardy Engineering Test Array

  title={The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder : System Architecture and Specifications of the Boolardy Engineering Test Array},
  author={A. Hotan and John D. Bunton and Lisa Harvey-Smith and Ben Humphreys and Brian D. Jeffs and Timothy W Shimwell and John Tuthill and M. Voronkov and G. Allen and Sheppard Amy and Kerry Ardern and Peter Axtens and Lewis Ball and Keith Bannister and S. Barker and T. Bateman and Roderic Beresford and De Bock and Raymond Bolton and Michiala Bowen and Breidge Boyle and Robert Braun and Sue Broadhurst and Darren Brodrick and Kathleen B. Brooks and M O Brothers and A. Brown and Chris Cantrall and G. Carrad and John Chapman and Wan Cheng and Aaron Chippendale and Young-Seek Chung and Francis Cooray and Tim Cornwell and Edwin Davis and Ludovico de Souza and David DeBoer and Phil Diamond and Paul Edwards and R. Ekers and Ilana J. Feain and Dick Ferris and Ross Forsyth and R F Gough and Alex Grancea and Nisha Gupta and Juan Carlos Guzman and G. Hampson and Cecilia Haskins and StuartG. Hay and Danika Hayman and Simon Hoyle and Catherine Jacka and Charles Jackson and Sherman A. Jackson and Kanapathippillai Jeganathan and Scott Johnston and Jithin Joseph and Ricky Kendall and M. Kesteven and Dezso Kiraly and B{\"a}rbel S. Koribalski and Mark R. Leach and E. Lenc and E. Lensson and Lianlin Li and Sandy Mackay and A. Macleod and Tabitha Maher and M. Marquarding and Naomi M. MCCLURE-GRIFFITHS and David McConnell and S. Mickle and Peter J. Mirtschin and Ray Norris and S. Neuhold and Al Ng and John F O’Sullivan and Joseph Pathikulangara and S. Pearce and Cameron Phillips and Ruirui Qiao and John E. Reynolds and A. Rispler and P. P. Roberts and David J. Roxby and Antony E. Schinckel and R. Shaw and Mark A. Shields and Mitchell Storey and Timothy A Sweetnam and Eilidh Troup and Brittany Turner and Anastasios K. Tzioumis and T. Westmeier and Matthew Whiting and C. Wilson and Terri Wilson and Kjetil Wormnes and Xin-wei Wu},
This paper describes the system architecture of a newly constructed radio telescope – the Boolardy engineering test array, which is a prototype of the Australian square kilometre array pathfinder telescope. Phased array feed technology is used to form multiple simultaneous beams per antenna, providing astronomers with unprecedented survey speed. The test array described here is a six-antenna interferometer, fitted with prototype signal processing hardware capable of forming at least nine dual… CONTINUE READING
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