The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey and the Limitations of Vulnerability-based Politics

  title={The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey and the Limitations of Vulnerability-based Politics},
  author={Simon Copland},
  journal={Australian Feminist Studies},
  pages={261 - 274}
  • Simon Copland
  • Published 3 April 2018
  • Political Science
  • Australian Feminist Studies
ABSTRACT This article investigates opposition to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, which surveyed Australians on their position on marriage equality from September to November 2017. Opposition to the hosting of a public vote on marriage equality was based in a perceived vulnerability of LGBTIQ Australians, with marriage equality advocates taking what Tietze (2016) described as a ‘dark view of the voting public’. While acknowledging the high levels of homophobic rhetoric that occurred… 

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  • J. Gerrard
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  • 2020
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  • Human Rights in Twentieth-Century Australia
  • 2019



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